Sunday, July 06, 2014

26, 25: Two Fun Races

Monday June 9.  2600 yard swim.  This starts a couple weeks of fun, but harder workouts, to get ready for the next training focus, which will be strength and speed for the summer.  I pulled a workout off of the internet and swam at a fairly quick pace.

Tuesday June 10.  5 mile run.  Around huckleberry and sibley, getting hill time in.  

Wednesday June 11.  2200 yard swim, form focused, but at strong effort.  I added some tri-targeted weight training too, another part of the plan for the summer.

Thursday June 12.  Rest.  The weight training is having a surprisingly big effect on leg flexibility, so everything's out except stretching and light swimming until Saturday.

Friday June 13.  1200 yard swim.  Just moving, stretching legs a lot.

Saturday June 14.  50k run.  Rodeo Valley.  More elsewhere, but a warm, sunny, very long and slow run on very stiff/tight/weak legs.

Sunday June 15.  Rest.

Monday June 16.  2750 yard swim.  Lots of pulling in a workout I pulled off the internet.  

Tuesday June 17.  Rest.  Putting the bike and kiteboard back together.

Wednesday June 18.  10.9 mile ride and 1000 yard swim.  First ride after picking up the bike, heading out on Skyline/Grizzly Peak.  5x200 free at speed.

Thursday June 19.  2.4 mile run.  Huckleberry Loop at a decent pace, running all uphills.  First run after taking a break from running for most of the week.

Friday June 20.  1000 yard swim.  200 free, 200 breast, 200 free, 200 breast, 200 free.  Just moving and loosening up legs for Saturday.

Saturday June 21.  13.7 mile run.  Double Dipsea, much better than Rodeo Valley, but still physically tired in a number of places.  A fun warm day though, it was my first time covering the full trail.  

I'm posting this late, like most recent entries.  This was the calm before summer training gets started.  Both races were fun races, and I was tired and/or sore going into each, but happy to experience the courses/races.

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