Friday, November 27, 2009

Blue Hour (IV)

I'm thinking about Edward.  I don't like his job.  I wonder if he studies calligraphy on weekends.  Calligraphy is fun.  If you know calligraphy, you can put pretty notes in the banana packages.  Oh yes, the banana packages in the luggage.  I need to find the luggage.  Then I will have bananas.  Yes, then I will finally have bananas.

Blue Hour (III)

They have no bananas? They have no bananas! No bananas today, but maybe bananas tomorrow. I'm going to drive to the airport. I'm going to pick up my luggage at the airport. My luggage at the airport has a bag of bananas in it. Edward sent them. Edward is a podiatrist in georgia. His hair is the color of strained peaches.

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Blue Hour (II)

Yes, they have no bananas, they have no bananas today.

[contributed by THCIA]

Blue Hour (I)

i walked to the store. i opened the door. i pushed it open. i looked at the security guard. his name is john. he plays dam jhat on thursdays. i picked up a basket. they didn't have carts. i need bananas. do they have bananas? i don't think they have bananas. oh what are those yellow things. i need bananas. i think those are bananas. let's buy some bananas.

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