Sunday, May 20, 2007

Recent sketches

Back into at the life drawing monkey business. It's a serious stint this time, as opposed to the intentionally experimental, all over the place drawings from the holidays (below). These are the better of the recent sketchbook drawings, as I try to gain a bit of control over the unforgivable gel pen. Larger drawings are catching up, with proportions still all over the place. Model names smudged for privacy, copyright me. don't redistribute, yada yada yada...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Make Your Own Gourmet Topless Pineapple (R)

Once upon a time, a friend and casting director of peeps related a handful of absurd farm market anecdotes. Among them was the tale of the gourmet topless pineapple, a sales pitch and a lie that has stuck in my head and developed into a recurring joke.

An improvisation, a three minute shooting schedule, and a couple hours of final cut later, we have a culinary documentary. Here it is on youtube: