Monday, April 25, 2005

empty brain

i am having one of those days where my capacity for thought is hovering somewhere between zero and empty. i think i read 10 versions of the same news story. and scanned my email about 19 times. i walked around town for an hour or so, and drank a lot of coffee. i'm suuposed to be working on yet another paper submission (i'm 1 for 7 in the grand scheme of things, a pretty bad record).

i think i am just overworked. at least there's a garbage concert tonight.

i had something more to say but am drawing a blank.

Friday, April 15, 2005

irs cra ftb

why is the process of sending in tax paperwork so far from sane?

multiply line 22 by line 34, raise pi to that power, and integrate that squared tangent of that value from its negative square root to its positive fifth root. enter that on line 31. carry the result to 4 1/2 decimal places.

now, you can deduct line 31 from line 83 or you can take a credit. see schedule tl-200 7/8 for more details. if you take the credit, attach form 99 3/sqrt(epsilon_0 [that physics constant]). unless you take the accrued option. then use form 4454-0fg.

put your right foot in, do the hokey-pokey, and spin it all around. that's what it's all about.

round two.

add deduction for your federal return line 88.8. never mind if that line doesn't exist, just FIND IT. see instructions on page 76. wait, you say this manual only has 53 pages? well that's to bad! if this process made sense, all those people who spent years in school learning how to do it would lose a lot of business.

you owe us $2789. wait, another country wants that too? well, take this deduction. or take the deduction there. point is, you get to fill out everything TWICE to see which one lets you pay less taxes! hahahaha!!!!