Sunday, July 06, 2014

24, 23: New training focus

Monday June 23.  5.9 mile run.  Small Emeryville Peninsula to Berkeley Pier and back.  Intending to take most of this fast, I backed off after a mile or so to focus on loosening up what was still stiff from Dipsea.  I eventually settled on half mile efforts at a slightly faster speed.

Tuesday June 24.  11.6 mile ride.  Skyline/Grizzly Peak.  Lots of turkeys on the road.

Wednesday June 25.  13 mile trainer ride and 4.4 mile run.  The 5 x 3 minute trainer intervals.  The run was more of a slow jog and hike in Redwood, out on the French Trail and back on the Stream Trail.

Thursday June 26.  3750 yards swimming, centered on a 1000 yard strong effort.

Friday June 27.  24.7 mile ride and 2.4 mile run.  Waking up early, I rode up to Inspiration Point, then down through Orinda, Moraga, Canyon, and back.  I'm moving my long rides to Friday's for a while to free up weekend time.  The run was centered on 4 20 second all-out intervals, the first interval set of the plan I'm following for the summer.  They increase in count/duration for 10 weeks, with the goal of improving running speed at 10k distances.

Saturday June 28.  2100 yard swim.  An unusual Saturday pool swim.  15 100's.  I bailed on a morning bike ride to get extra rest.

Sunday June 29.  2 or 2 1/2 hours kitesurfing.  I launched from Third Ave and rode up into the Coyote Point launch, the furthest I've ever ridden upwind in the peninsula.  Mostly just riding and working on board skills, since I was generally tired.

Monday June 30.  4.2 mile run in Redwood Regional Park.  I ran my original regular loop through the park, taking it at speed.  Since I haven't run this route in a long time, I watched my heart rate on the uphill, as I didn't want to beat myself up this week.  I sprinted up a steep part of the climb and speed-hiked the rest of the uphill, since my heart rate stayed high after the sprint.  And the goats are out for the summer.

Tuesday July 1.  10.3 mile ride and 2050 yard swim.  The usual Skyline/Grizzly Peak out and back, with the densest fog I've seen up here.  The swim was 20 fast 50's.

Wednesday July 2.  6.2 mile run and 3550 yard swim.  I took out a new pair of road shoes for a lunch run up to University Ave and back, doing pre-race strides every half mile.  The Torins have started to get annoying on faster (interval) workouts, since the padding movement makes me feel like my feet are sliding, and also causes heat built-up inside the shoe.  I picked up a pair of One^2s, and I was really happy with them for running at speed on roads.  I'll probably switch between both for road runs.  The main set of the swim was 3x500 at race pace; I swam it a little faster than my recent race pace.

Thursday July 3.  2000 yard swim.  The main set was 10x100 at speed.  This faster swimming has felt  good after the long endurance-focused push leading up to Hawai'i.

Friday July 4.  11.5 mile ride and 3.4 mile walk.  The usual easy out/back on Skyline/Grizzly Peak, focusing on riding the drops.  I've very quickly gotten comfortable with them, after ignoring them until now.  Later, a fireworks walk on the Emeryville peninsula.

Saturday July 5.  ITR Reservoir Dogs 35k.  More elsewhere.

This starts a 10 week training effort that focuses on speed and strength.  I'm backing off on running volume a lot to get a lot of shorter, faster runs in, but will slowly ramp it up to get back into longer races later in the fall.   The second week dropped the harder run/bike parts of the plan as a short taper for the race.  It's also my last race until fall, since I feel like having too many fun races is now motivating me to avoid some better speed/strength workouts.  And I want more weekend free time for the summer.

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