Tuesday, December 13, 2005


how arrogant do we have to be to pretend humans are the only part of the world? and to underestimate ourselves through intentional ignorance?

Saturday, December 10, 2005


where am i today? sometimes you know you're in regression--needed regression, for a few days. it's sort of the mental equivalent of sleep. intense creative energy comes and goes and in between you take in the energy of others' creativity. i spent the afternoon finding new and old music that i have never owned to turn sideways what i hear to change (in a small but significant way) what is around me to find somewhere new to start. and i watched two great films i once dismissed.

ironically, this last spurt of creativity on my part will come, at best, to very little. it might bring something from its two-year existence on a hard drive (actually 4) to the consciousness of an obscure corner of an obscure corner of graphicsfolk (already an obscure corner in itself). is it great? no. it's limited by what it is. but i don't see it going any further. which i can't say about much i've made.