Sunday, October 17, 2010

TI Thesisdesystem

Fast paced day.  Wake, breakfast, exercise, planning, out the door, reading Dr. Silex's Lovecraft collection on the way to Treasure Island.  Thesis distraction--I mean music festival--day one.  Very electronic.  Highlights:  Phantogram (they were fun), !!! (also fun, I'm into playful music these days), Kruder and Dorfmeister (amazing electronic set), deadmau5 (a lot of fun to dance to, and an awesome stage show), and LCD Soundsystem.  The latter was probably my turning point for going, especially since they're hanging up the hat, and I haven't caught them live before, using silly excuses like working on my thesis.  A very enthusiastic crowd--it made me very aware of how much Toronto music fans stand around, watch, and do nothing, for the most part.  A short, but very good, set.  Long trip home, dinner, and off to make today's requisite thesis "result" before bed.  A "result," for the coming week, is a single motion, analyzed using four different algorithms and making all the figures and videos that go along with that motion and those four algorithms.  Tonight is running.  The current top rule in the get-it-done game I'm playing with myself is that a new example has to be finished every day until they're done.  There's a lot more than I thought I would need for it to be solid, but so it goes.  I'll probably get a fourth paper out of it now.