Sunday, June 22, 2014

1, 27: Hawai'i

Sunday May 25.  9.3 mile run.  Feeling like crap after a taper week and a rush to pack and traveling, I went out for a moderately strong 9 miles along Ali'i Dr. It was raining at the start, and stopped and got dark as I went along.  My pace was much slower than it felt, since I never checked it, which might be a good thing.  My right foot and leg felt annoyed after about 5 miles, so I slowed down a lot in the second half.  Lots of stretching and massage followed.

Monday May 26.  25 minute swim.  We went to Hapuna Beach, in part because I wanted to check it out, and in part because PL got excited about it on her own.  I swam up and down the beach a couple times, mostly playing around just outside the breakers, but also deliberately pushing speed a few times. Swimming outside the breakers is fun, but also throws you enough loops to get you psychologically better organized.  I needed that, since I haven't swam in open water since last fall, i.e. before a lot of technique work over the fall and winter.  

Tuesday May 27.  No explicit workout, but a fair amount of hiking and walking and carrying the baby.  I had planned a short run, but decided to delay it a day and cut out another later in the week based on how things felt.  I've felt/done best at running races when only getting one midweek run in, so it seems best to stick to that for now.  We explored around South Point and Punalu'u.  Watching cliff divers at the former.   It looked like a hell of a lot of fun, but it's more than I'm psychologically willing to do, at least right now, and not knowing the currents.  Lower legs have been feeling both tired and sore.  Researching this, it's apparently normal in a taper.  I've also felt really carb crashy the last couple nights, so I upped the calorie intake via snacks for a couple days, and I'm now up late feeling antsy and starting to prep for Saturday.  I lost too much weight too quickly a couple weeks back, so I've been wary of underrating.

Wednesday May 28.  3.3 mile run.  Just to stay feeling fresh, I ran a multi-out-and-back route to check out the ins and outs of Keauhou Bay.  Including a little trail, as well as a little shallow water running at high tide, and a bunch of small hills.  The sun was setting too.  I mostly kept an easy pace, but mixed in some strides.

Friday May 30.  6.4 mile ride.  Picking up the bike and moving it from the Fairmont Orchid at Mauna Lani to Hapuna Beach, along with RN and FS.  Windy!  I had hoped to get a longer ride in Thursday or Friday, but baby logistics still win over workouts, especially with the amount of time involved in getting ready for this race.

Saturday May 31.  Ironman 70.3 Hawai'i.  Awesome race, it's hard to believe it's finished.   More to say elsewhere.

Tuesday June 3.  3.4 mile run.  Just jogging for a bit on Maui to warm up after the half ironman.  It's hot.  Watching a kiter on an 18m in no wind for a bit.  I used to do that, now I pick and choose the better wind days to get better balance among different sports and baby time.

Wednesday June 4.  2:20 kiting.  I went out at Kanaha on the 9m.  I'm finding a nice groove with these 26 mile kiting runs, using a half hour for a warmup, an hour to play around, and an hour to just push myself when I'm tired.  That last hour gets the addictive part of of the sport under control, and seems to be when I improve board handling skills, since I'm most likely to wipe out then.  Today's focus turned out to be jumping and carving turns.  I landed a couple jump turns successfully, which I don't think I've done yet.

Friday June 6.  2:13 kiting.  Back at kanaha, again on the 9.  A little windier today.  A little sore in the abs from Wednesday, so I played around with board skills and kiting flying skills more than anything else.  I came really close to a very large sea turtle at one point, I turned upwind of it, and passed by only a few feet away.  Saw it again another time.  There was a 4.2 earthquake of Moloka'i while I was out, PL felt it.  

Saturday June 7.  3.6 mile run.  Easyish pace out of the Maui cottage.  It was hot and windy.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

3, 2: Taper

Monday May 12.  1200 yard swim.  Recovery pace.  Almost time to retire these training notes.  They've were a great learning tool for a while, in that they've gotten me into the habit of tracking and reflecting on training.  But I've stopped saying much here, so they're not doing their job as much.  I might wrap up the push to Hawaii and then let them rest until it makes sense to bring them back.

Tuesday May 13.  3000 yard swim and 22.3 mile trainer ride.  Strong pace on both.

Wednesday May 14.  6 mile run and 6 mile trainer ride.  The run was hard, but all concentrated in a one mile speed push, dropping below 7:30 for that mile (fast for me).  It was a large time drop from last time I did this, which was about 8:06 for the fast mile.  All of about a month ago.  I'm realizing that I've covered an olympic tri distance in 25 hours after the run.  Trainer time was endurance time on tired legs.

Thursday May 14.  11.4 mile trainer ride.  For endurance, wearing myself down before last hard workouts.

Friday May 15.  7.2 mile run.  I took an easy pace heading from Sibley out to Vollmer Peak and back.  It's covered a part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail I haven't been on--the section north of Fish Ranch Rd. There's some very cool views along this stretch.

Saturday May 17.  4 mile run.  The mudders first training run.  I'm likely not going this year, but the training runs are always fun.  A fastish out and back on the Nimitz trail.

Sunday May 18.  30.1 mile ride and 3.2 mile run.  Another long ride and brick at the end of a 6 day stretch of leg workouts.  Even more fun after carb crashing Saturday night.  I mapped out a route that went down Wildcat Canyon Rd and then out on Bear Creek Rd.  The climb in this direction is long.  Continuing on Happy Valley Rd, I again found myself on a rather hard climb.  I walked a short stretch, since it'd probably defeat the training point of the ride to force through it--I wanted to keep a good pace until the final climb.  The ride down into Lafayette was fast and fun, and I continued through to Moraga and back home.

Monday May 19.  Rest.  Packing for travel.

Tuesday May 20.  More rest.  Packing some more, and I was crunched for time, and still physically tired.  I picked up calorie intake to get past an energy slump.  

Wednesday May 21.  7x200 swim.  Moderate pace with an occasional fast 25 thrown in.  Tapering now, I'm going to let overall efforts and durations drop, but mix in short fast sprints.  But the bike has been shipped, so there's not much more to do on that end.

Thursday May 22.  5.7 mile run.  Really closer to 6.2, but the GPS took quite a while to wake up.  Easy pace with strides going out to the marina and back over lunch.  I hit some pretty fast paces (6ish) for short periods of time without feeling winded.  But my feet still felt sore later.