Sunday, July 20, 2014

22, 21: Digging In

Monday July 7.  12.5 mile ride and 2050 yard swim.  Another ride on Grizzly Peak/Skyline.  I took this at a faster effort than usual, since I haven't timed a road ride in quite a while.  I'm finally riding drops consistently on downhills.  20x fast 50s in the swim, a repeat of last week.  It felt slower, but was actually faster.  I suppose that's good.

Tuesday July 8.  15.2 mile trainer ride and 4.5 mile run.  The ride was 3 4-minute intervals.  The run was 8x 30 paces.  I ran it on Grizzly Peak, taking each interval on a slight uphill.

Wednesday July 9.  5.4 mile run and 3450 yard swim.  Since I'm planning to race less, I'm looking for new places to run and ride for the summer, instead of repeating a lot of the same routes.  This was planned to compulsively connect a few disconnected portions of my Strava running heat map.  Yeah, it's compulsive, but it's a fun way to find places I don't think of to run/ride.  I started at Inspiration Point and ran the EBMUD Inspiration Trail down to San Pablo Reservoir.  It turned out to be an awesome trail; a coyote jumped away after I startled it, and two large groups of wild turkeys were running the trail.  Legs were sore from Tuesday's intervals, so it was really slow going, and the big uphills were mostly hiking.  After getting back I made a quick loop over to the Seaview Trail, followed by a short sprint on the paved trail.  Most of my summer running plan includes a speed session, a "longer" mid-week run (90 minutes or so), and a brick.  The plan I'm following has the longer run the day after the intervals, but I didn't get what I wanted out of this in terms of effort, so I'm going to separate those instead.  I'm trying to rejigger things to get rid of slower workouts to keep everything at higher intensity until fall.  The swim focused on 3x500.    

Thursday July 10.  2000 yard swim.  10x100, focus on speed.  Tired again after the first few, like last week.

Friday July 11.  30.7 miles biking at 1800 yards swimming.  I woke up early this morning with a really tired core/back, and I went back to bed.  Yeah I woke up this morning, and I went right back to bed.  Then I finally went out for my ride to work, and I cut 10 miles off the distance to make up for it.  Part of the ride was on roads I haven't been on, down Claremont, out on Russell, and then some extra riding on the bay trail.  Later, 1800 yards, focusing on form and stroke count, which was a nice break after two weeks of mostly speed-focused swim workouts.  I immediately followed this by the ride home, which I lengthened to make up for the shorter ride in the morning.  Back on the bay trail, which is nice for road speed training, and around the UC Berkeley campus and up Tunnel.  

Saturday July 12.  13.6 mile ride and 4.2 mile run.  Trying a new riding loop that includes the Tunnel Rd climb, connecting from Montclair to Tunnel through Temescal Park.  Quads were really tired/stiff after the long climb, and I pushed speed on the run.  This left me beat up.

Sunday July 13.  2:12/27.7 miles kiting.  Third to the Coyote launch and back.  Feeling only moderately tired/sore compared to the last kiting run, I had some fun with speed runs and jumping at the end, quitting when I got sloppy.

Monday July 14.  Triple day #1.  12.4 mile ride, 4.2 mile run, 2000 yard swim.  This is a front-loaded week because of scheduling and the need to take a few days easier.  The ride was sunny, what's becoming my usual morning out-and-back on Grizzly Peak/Skyline.  The run was 12x15" all-out intervals.  They're starting to hurt less after the fact, and I'm consistently getting below a 5:30 pace on these now.  The swim was 10x100 at a moderate/strong pace.  Swimming feels tired/plateued.  Good thing it's an easier week overall.

Tuesday July 15.  Triple day #2.  45 mins weight training,  2300 yards swimming, 13.5 miles cycling on the trainer.  Weights felt good, and swimming was focused on a half hour straight through at a moderate effort.  Cycling was 5x3 minute intervals.  With legs getting frequently tired when riding on hills, I reconfigured my garmin to show cadence to start working on targeting 90.  I kept this through the ride and geared to maintain it.  It was much easier to get my heart rate up.  This combination of workouts did beat me up quite a bit, which I expected, but there's three off/easy days planned next.

Wednesday July 16.  Off.  Well needed.  Tired/stiff from two hard days.

Thursday July 17.  2000 yards swimming, moderate effort.  The focus was a steady pace through 10x100.  I dropped the long run planned for the morning, which I expected to do, to get extra recovery time in.

Friday July 18.  A couple miles of hiking with PL, MC, and EB, who's visiting.  We hiked around a couple batteries in the southern part of the headlands, and then went to Muir woods, taking the valley trails and a small loop on the Bootjack/Camp Eastwood trails.

Saturday July 19.  13 mile ride and 3.3 mile run.  A near repeat of last weekend's brick workout.  A ride down to Mountain, up Tunnel, an out-and-back-on Grizzly Peak, and back on skyline.  Followed by a run down the Shepherd Canyon Railroad Trail and back.  I geared down this time to focus on cadence on the ride, and had about the same overall time, with much less leg fatigue.  The run was also more cadence focused than speed focused.  After last week's mid-week close-to-crash, I'm going to back off the pace on non-speed workouts to focus on form.  I picked up the pace on the last part of the run, and finished this feeling much better than after last last week's brick.

Sunday July 20.  2:38/29.7 miles kiting.  The bay is covered in a marine layer, so off to Sherman Island.  It's the first time this season, which wasn't planned, just a quirk of scheduling.  It was blowing 21-29, so I took out the 9m, and left line extensions on, given the wide range.  I had a bit of a sketchy launch in which the kite powered up rather quickly into a gust, and I was less than a second away from punching out to ditch it.  Better kite damage than me damage.  But the gust backed off quickly and I got it under control.  Hitting the water, I was either well overpowered or about to stall for the first half hour, until I got upwind of the river bend.  I made a long steady upwind cruise past M6, and turned around for a fast downwinder.  These are fun, since they you play with the board a lot.  I worked on toeside a bit and then hung out around M10 jumping for almost an hour.  I had a couple high jumps with spectacular wipeouts, and a handful of jumps to the right, my weak side.  I'm realizing that to port I'm mostly working on landing safely, and could probably jump much higher if I wanted to.  The couple high jumps were enough to scare me just a little, which is something I'm aiming for on a consistent basis now, to make sure I'm not staying too much inside my comfort zone, where I learn less.  I got tired of jumping, and finished by riding another upwinder/downwinder.

This was weeks 2 and 3 of the slightly-broken-up 10 week summer training plan.  In hindsight, I'm pushing too hard on some of these; I'm going to back off the effort a bit on non-speed workouts.  I'm also considering adjusting the gearing on my bike to make climbing more efficient; I can't always hit a decent cadence on climbs, which is doing a fair amount of muscle beat-up.  I'm using this an excuse to read up on how all these bicycle parts work.  It was fun not caring for almost a year.  But I did realize that I have, for the most part, pretty decent components on my bike.

I keep telling myself that I'll stop keeping my training log here, since strava tracks everything too.  But the two-week cycle of writing/editing these makes me notice medium size (few week) trends (and mistakes) more.   So I'll keep it going.

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