Thursday, May 28, 2009

solar hot water

My landlord woke me so his contractor could inspect the blocked up fireplace on my floor. He's having a solar hot water system put in.

What amuses me is that the contractor was doing his best to convince me that it was good for the environment, without having asked what I thought.

This has me wondering how many people believe that solar heat is not good for the environment.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

why am i here?

Blogs and Facebook and Twitter. They're interesting. I put a lot of one-way stuff on them. People reply to facebook the most, twitter next, and here rarely. Accessibility? Or having it put in front of you more for the other two places than for here, where you most likely explicitly check. It affects how you use them. This, and another work-centric blog, have become more self reflective, but in a deliberately filtered way. They are thoughts that might be interesting to someone else, but are more relevant to me. The act of publishing them coerces me into being more organized than I would be in my journal. Half the reason to write is to deliberately reflect; the other half is the act of writing. It keeps your chops up, as they say, whoever they are. Facebook and Twitter writings are more specifically for the entertainment of others. Perhaps it's good not many have found their way here, as it would change the nature of the text.

In all cases, you're hearing from a deliberately managed character, of course.

Friday, May 22, 2009

why are you here?

Uncommunication is a wonderful thing. So much can be said while so much is not being said. And so much can be said by not saying what is unsaid while something else is being said.