Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Shirley Lake Climb to the Top of Squaw

After registering for the Lake Tahoe half ironman, I took off up a side trail in Squaw to climb to the top.  It's kind of hard to find and to follow, and not really at all runnable, but the Shirely Lake trail has some great views of the valley.  At times it's a trail, other times, it's just crossing a steep giant slab of granite, and at other times it takes some scrambling up through rocks.  It does kind of dead-end into a fire road that leads to the top of Squaw, where there's trails headed all over the place.  

Many of the peaks up here have volcanic caps that have had more erosion around the sides, including Squaw peak itself.  It's an interesting transition region from the volcanic peaks headed north toward Donner pass and the highly granite region just to the south. 

Taking the tram down--I was planing to race in a couple days.

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