Monday, March 16, 2015

ITR Chabot 50k, 2015

I ran this a year ago as my first 50k.  It's close to home, an easier course (relatively speaking), and at a convenient time, so I ran it again to see how things stand at the 50k distance as compared to last year.  

I ran the first four hours at a faster pace, staying below 12 min/mile, but something caught up with me, and I dramatically slowed down for a few miles in the second loop when my left ankle started acting up.  I picked up the pace again for the last 4-5 miles along the lake shore, finishing in 6:25, a 50k PR.  

Not much more to say this time around, it was very much a long effort to build up to the MUC and Lake Sonoma as well a personal 50k time trial, and I've run here too many times to say much new about the course.  It was warm, peaceful, and a good mix of hills and flat sections, trail and pavement.  The guns were firing, the lake was toxic, good food/beer at the end, so all's good.

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