Sunday, January 25, 2015

Coyote Hills 5k

This seems to be the spring of repeat races.*  I ran my first trail race on the 10k course here two years ago.  I returned this weekend to run a flat (relatively speaking) and fast race.  

I went out fast, but kept my own pace, keeping what felt like my max sustainable speed.  I slowed slightly on the uphills, just enough to avoid losing the ability to speed up again on flat sections and downhills.  I wasn’t until a quarter mile before the finish that I felt completely maxed out.  This prevented a sprint to the end, but indicated good pacing.  My last race at this distance required a short walk break and a large drop in speed at one mile.

I finished in 26:47, 23/458, and first in my age group.  And just below my goal pace of 7:45 min/mile, at 7:42.5.  Strava says it included PRs at half mile, mile, 1k, 2 mile, and 5k distances (this course was closer to 3.5 miles).  I’m curious what my flat course 5k time would be now, especially if I tapered, but there’s other things to do.  

* Unlike all of last year, I picked this winter/spring’s races for training reasons.  It occurred to me while writing this that only the final race, Lake Sonoma, is on a new course.    

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