Saturday, April 05, 2014

11, 10: Arrival

Monday, March 17.  1400 yard swim, 75 min trainer ride, 1.2 mile run.  After Sunday's long run, I somehow ended up doing a triple workout day.  Even though I wasn't quite recovered from Sunday.  1400 yard swim at an easy pace, followed by 75 minutes of bike intervals on the trainer.  It's the first time I used the trainer I picked up, and I'm realizing how much I don't get to push my effort as hard I'd like to (at least for training purposes) on local roads.  I ended the day with a quick run.  Coming back up the hill, I knew I was done for a bit.

Tuesday, March 18.  Rest.  I was tired-sore all over, and I couldn't have done anything active if I wanted too.  I haven't felt that physically beat in a couple years, and it's a great feeling.  I got a massage instead.

Wednesday March 19.  7.1 mile run and 3000 yard swim.  I ran out to the marina over lunch, making a second round at newly reintroduced speed intervals.  At the end of the day, I did the Swim Speed 16-2 workout, adding in more distance to get to 3000.  Both felt good.  I was surprised I could run the intervals after the beat down, but it worked.  I kept them at 8x a tenth of a mile, I'll probably start to increase the time a bit next time around.

Thursday March 20.  5.9 mile run.  Huckleberry/Sibley.  I thought I was keeping an easy pace, and I definitely was on flat and downhill portions, but I somehow managed to set a number of Strava PRs on the large climb.  I finished almost in the dark without a light.

Saturday March 22.  7.4 mile run and 15.5 mile ride, reverse brick.  I added another rest day for on Friday, even though I intended to run.  It just wasn't going to be a strong effort, and Saturday could be.  Seemed like a good day for a strong brick workout, since I had some stress to burn out too.  I reversed it to get the run finished early; the valleys I pass through on my local trails get dark a lot earlier than the hills or roads.  I kept a strong, tempoish pace for the middle four miles or so, watching heart rate to keep it mostly in the 160s to 170s.  With lots of climbing, in the second/third miles.  Finishing up, I jumped right on the bike for a 15 mile ride.  Legs were tired by the is point, which was the point of the workout, but I pushed through at whatever effort was sustainable.

Sunday March 23.  10.1 mile run.  Up and down the hills, this was a good pre-fatigued long run.  I'm starting to work in more pre-fatigued workouts to get my legs used to keeping going, either running or on the bike, after they've already been beat down a bit.  This is in part to get better use of some endurance-focused workouts, and because I expect it to be useful for both the upcoming 70.3 tri and the further-out-there 50 mile run.  In some ways, a brick is like back-to-back long runs, which I'm debating whether to include later in the summer or fall.

Monday March 24.  22 miles on the trainer.  Beginning of a bike-focussed week.  Unless, of course, it gets interrupted.  I hooked up the handy-dandy magnetomeric sensor doohicky that tells you how far you ride on a trainer.  Downside of a trainer: indoors.  Upside of a trainer: flexibility to get workouts in at odd hours (very important now), better ability to include targeted speed workouts, and time to catch up on reading.  I rode this one with two minute intervals.

Tuesday March 25.  7.2 mile run and 15 mile trainer ride.  An odd day, workout wise.  I have three trainer rides in a row sketched in, so I treated this like an endurance day, and I added two short runs at a very easy pace, before and after work.  Both runs were in Huckleberry, and I made a point to keep a well-into-very-long-race pace to avoid having these runs beat me up at all.  It was kind of amusing, since I walked almost all the uphills, which I used to do, i.e. most of last year, but rarely do now.  I followed this up with an hour of moderate heart-rate targeted riding, to start to ease into tempo-paced riding.  I'm realizing that's a weak point, since I do most of my road riding in the hills, and that prevents longer harder efforts.

Wednesday March 26.  18.7 mile trainer ride.  The end of three hard trainer rides in a row.  Legs were sufficiently tired, with all new sore muscles.  I picked up a yoga book to help with clearing out some of the less obvious stiffnesses and added a little in at the end.

Thursday March 27.  1500 yard swim.  Very easy pace.  Active recovery after the three days of trainer time.

Friday March 28.  8.2 mile run to the Marina and back, again with 8x tenth of a miles all out intervals in miles 2-4.  I added a couple miles, intended to be at an easy pace, but I ended up walking the last two miles after suddenly feeling unwell.

Saturday March 29.  Arrival.  Obviously, no weekend workouts, but I think this made up for it.

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