Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deface Book

I'm taking this blog off the Facebook broadcasting.  I feel it's good to have it in public, since it constrains my writing, but I've come to have an odd behavior pattern with Facebook.  Basically, I don't want that many people knowing what I'm thinking or doing on any given day, at any given moment.  It used to be amusing, but now it's kind of strange.  It might be that in a sufficiently large crowd, I'm always quiet.  Hence how many blog posts have been written in the last year.  So while you're more than welcome to read or not read it, I don't want to throw it at you.  

But it's an overdue blog post, at a time when I'm spending a few days reorganizing a lot of life logistics to get a really really big project moving again and wrapped up.  So there's a lot on my mind.  And I'll write about it in coming posts.  Or I won't.  That's the beauty of the blog.  I can abandon it for weeks, or months at a time.  But it's always there waiting for itself to be revisited.  Kind of like Lisey's story.  I've been reading it in parts since 2006.  It's probably one of the most-traveled books out there, in that it's been all over the world.  I take it on every trip.  Some trips I read it on, others I don't.  It's actually quite good, but I'm enjoying it enough to _really_ take my time with it.  

I might or might not write about running, tar balls, siggraph, oysters, lists, music composition, and the strange act of working at home for a while.  

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