Sunday, October 15, 2006

Departing Dark Sides of Sleeplessness

Recounting from an email:

"An email floated out at work this morning that two tickets to the sold out Roger Waters (from Pink Floyd) show were available from someone's friend who couldn't make it. In my morning delirium that hadn't yet recovered from Sunday night's lack of sleep and last night's impromptu-movie-induced lack of sleep, it didn't even register mentally with me. Delete.

An hour later BW walks into my office and asks if I want to go. Sure I said, sufficiently motivated in that a show like this might never happen again, and despite the price, so he arranges to buy the tickets, which the prior owner made a trip in to work to drop off. Says a lot for the usefulness of in-person conversation over email.

Left work a little early and skipped dinner to drive down to Mountain View. No opening band. Seats were center of the second section back, not bad for last minute.

First set of the show was an assortment of Pink Floyd songs and Roger's solo stuff. Lots of fun graphics and fire and video and a giant inflatable pig with the words "impeach bush" spray-painted on its butt and some other assorted stuff. A particularly cool presentation for this anti-war song "Leaving Beirut," the whole backing video was presented as a graphic novel with drawings telling the story that the song is about.

Fifteen minute break. Trader Joe's new kind of granola bar is too damn sweet. Not buying those again.

Second set of the show was The Dark Side of The Moon from beginning to end. 'nuff said. I'm not the world's biggest Pink Floyd fan, but it's incredible music to hear live. Especially for being 33 years old.

Encore was three The Wall songs, including Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 and closing with Comfortably Numb."

Coupled with an inpromptu birthday trip for CH followed by a seeing of Martin Scorsese's The Departed (which was excellent) and two late nights of movie making, Friday night reached a point of tiredness that threatens your walls of reality. The perfect time to see Michel Gondy's "The Science of Sleep!" Walls of reality beaten shattered and turned inside out.

NP: "Death of a President D.I.Y." Atari Teenage Riot, "Little Lies" Fleetwood Mac, MOSH "Eminem"

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