Tuesday, February 15, 2005


a tv station came to school to film today. the canadian version of the scifi channel for an interstitial they want to do on the distorted projections we came up with for ryan. it was a strange being interviewed for tv.


Trifid said...

Yo Malarki, well you dont know me, but here I am anyway! Whats this Ryan thing about??

malarki said...

it's a short film i worked on some time back. computer animated, it tells the story of a former canadian animation "star" (as much as animation ever has stars) from the 60's who now lives in shelters and bars and begs for change for a living. the national film board of canada (who helped produce it) has a website: wwww.nfb.ca/ryan

malarki said...

not that i know how this interwebnet thing works.